Dumper master always wants to use the tool who already loves this tool before usages. In Make Samsung Rom Android Dumper V3 to Odin tool. It is a fresh looking tool that why most the mobile expert want to use this tool because of It is small windows tool and backup phone’s room (Needed Root) with from any Android device. A drum full of extension md5 on Samsung Android handset.

Samsung Android Dumper Tool

The Features of Samsung Android Dumper Tool

Works on Android above 4.1.2

This tool is made for the android version works on 4.4.2 and above the version of smartphones. This tool detects automatically USB connection.

Remove or add section of this device

You can turn any section in your particular section in your mobile hard drive and transfer data of smartphone to another location.

Recovery device partition system automatically

You have just lost your partition space on your mobile Rom storage. Moreover, it automatically recognition partition system on this tool Restores your back up data in apps section.

Transfer data into another device

Plugin USB cable and it automatically detects your phone’s size, with this tool then you can able to transfer files to any device or computer.

Flash Pulls on Samsung device

This tool pulls Samsung device to flash with right firmware restore, backup data, repair partition works on entire all devices.

Flash Convert to md5 format

Convert flash to md5 format just like a zip file made by flashing your handset about the smartphone.

Browses to install with Odin Program

Browse any firmware with Odin tool; you can specifically install what exactly want for. In addition, you can install the tool to make your customization.

This tool free for lifetime

You can use this tool without charging anyone or organization, you can download this tool from the download link and it is absolutely free for you.

Contains this tool

Reset ADB:

This tool checking connection if other connection is connected or not.

Check Root:

Check your mobile is root or not, you can disable (STOP) or turn on this by Android dumper tool.

Refresh your Device:

Refresh your device on this tool with a tap to refresh button and it will scan your connected device.

Log file:

Clear your recent log or recent file of usages bowser all time from the history of your smartphone.

Create Samsung Rom:

Create (Make) a tar.md5 file extension browsing of Odin tool.


Drug any selected option, which you can easily transfer to your device.

Download or About dumper tool


Download Link: Download

Android Dumper tool (RAR file including all necessary tools or drivers)

Supported on:

Windows Version

Filename and size:

Samsung Android Dumper tool V3 (0.00 megabytes)


Free of use (Freeware).


We do not include the password in this tool if ask to extract this ZIP or RAR file then use it to extract. we hope that you enjoying this android dumper tool in your computer if you face any problem by doing this kindly let’s know about your problem in the comment section, hope that we will solve it soon.

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