Micromax Stock Rom (All Model) 2020 List Update Download

Stock ROM is the name that is usually used for the official operating system versions of the company. The Stock ROM of all model of Micromax device is what it brings when we buy it. As well as, all those launches to update phones. The ROM with which we buy the smartphone is the Stock ROM. In this article, we discuss Micromax Stock Rom and download it from here.

When we install a Custom ROM, we eliminate the stock ROM of our smartphone. Now, this does not mean that we cannot recover the Stock ROM. The company to which we bought the terminal will not offer us a method to reinstall the Stock ROM simply. There are always many developers who download the Stock ROM of their smartphone to the Internet, and we can install it. Also, if we have made a copy of it before, when we want to install it again we can do it.

Micromax Stock Rom 2018 List Update

Micromax Stock Rom

Model Name Download LinkModel Name Download Link
Micromax A170 Flash FileDownloadMicromax A69 Flash FileDownload
Micromax A68 Flash FileDownloadMicromax A67 Flash FileDownload
Micromax A66 Flash File Download Micromax A65 Flash FileDownload
Micromax A63 Flash FileDownload Micromax A62 Flash FileDownload
Micromax A61 Flash FileDownload Micromax A60 Flash FileDownload
Micromax A59 Flash FileDownload Micromax A58 Flash FileDownload
Micromax A57 Flash FileDownload Micromax A56 Flash FileDownload
Micromax A99 Flash FileDownload Micromax A55 Flash FileDownload
Micromax A54 Flash FileDownload Micromax A52 Flash FileDownload
Micromax A51 Flash FileDownload Micromax A50 Flash FileDownload
Micromax A47 Flash FileDownload Micromax A46 Flash FileDownload
Micromax A45 Flash FileDownload Micromax A44 Flash FileDownload
Micromax A40 Flash FileDownload Micromax A37B Flash FileDownload
Micromax A37 Flash FileDownload Micromax A36 Flash FileDownload
Micromax A35 Flash FileDownload Micromax A34 Flash FileDownload
Micromax A30 Flash FileDownload Micromax A28 Flash FileDownload
Micromax A27 Flash FileDownload Micromax A26 Flash FileDownload
Micromax A25 Flash FileDownload Micromax A24 Flash FileDownload


Features of Micromax Stock Rom

There are a lot of features of Micromax Stock Rom. Here are they:

  • Keep device updated.
  • Releasing us from bloatware.
  • Fix internal errors automatically.
  • Easily uninstalled apps.
  • Extra customization option.
  • Keep warranty on the device.
  • Optimization in General (More than v3).
  • Stabilization of RAM Memory and Added Kernel Overclock (Thanks to GETAGKT1).
  • Apps do not close automatically.
  • Now the “Device Information” Section does not present FC.
  • Corrected Bluetooth Bug, GPS, Keyboard, Contacts Synchronization and Calendar with Google.
  • Scrolling much smoother and Odex Rebuilt.
  • Finally, Wi-Fi insecurity has corrected.
  • Compatibility of Games to the Maximum and Much More!

One of the most interesting features of Android is that it is a fully open system and this means that anyone with knowledge is free to modify the system and enhance or customize it at will. This is what is called flashing a stock ROM. It is to create a modified Android system based on the original base.

How to install or flash Micromax stock ROM

At first, download the Micromax Flash File from our given link. Install drivers on your PC or laptop. Enable USB debugging. Go to Settings. Once inside we look for options for developers that will appear without the need to activate it, and we mark in USB Debugging. Now, turn off your Micromax device.

Unzip the Micromax Flash File from the folder where you saved it. Run Micromax Flash Tool as administrator. After that, you will see few options for flashing stock ROM. First one is “firmware upgrade” and the second one is “Download.” Select according to your necessities. The “Download” option is for flashing your ROM.

Now, connect your Micromax phone with high-quality USB cable. Note that, USB cable must be high quality. Normal quality cables disconnect and drop many times. If Micromax flash file is not supported your device, then download and install Vcom driver. Restart the flash tool again. After completing the process, a green signal will give the ding.

Now, disconnect your phone and your phone is updated.

How does it benefit me to use a ROM?

Well, more than you can imagine. Once you lose the fear of modifying your phone in something more than wallpaper or a new icon, you will discover that changing ROM in many cases means practically starting a new phone every time. Most times changing ROM means to improve the performance of the system considerably since you work more on the code and you can correct or improve things that the manufacturer does not take into account or has not given you time to modify.

We will have a faster terminal and more improvements than if we continue using the “stock” ROM or ROM that comes by default. Also, chefs are faster than operators, so if you like to be up-to-date, do not hesitate, you’ll find ROM’s with the latest version of Android.

But it is not only that, but you will also understand better how your terminal works and you will have access to greater control over it and more capacity to modify it and leave it 100% to your liking. Once you start and you lose your fear, get hooked!

Extreme precautions before you start

To “flash “the phone and install an Android ROM, we must first have Root permissions, as we have already done. For example, with some modifications like Cyanogen Mod, the process is simplified to the extreme, just by installing a program on the computer or even directly on the terminal itself. Thus, it becomes an ideal option for less experienced users. You can also take a look at some apps like ROM Installer or ROM Manager.

ROM Installer Micromax Flash File 2018 List

Of course, you should always take special care during the process, since in case of failure you can disable your mobile and turn it into a “brick” (or brick, since it will not be able to turn on again). Whenever we are going to flash the phone, it is convenient. The battery is charged to the maximum and follow the instructions given to us in detail.

In case of catastrophe, sometimes we can restart the mobile in recovery mode and try to leave everything as it was. It is also convenient, of course, to make a backup of all our data before starting the process.

All Android ROMs have their characteristics. So, it is good to “get” information before deciding on one or the other. In the Network, there are hundreds of tutorials and resources with which to get down to work. Then, you’ll be ready to break the chains of your device thanks to a Stock ROM.

We would not take any risk if your phone damaged due to your wrong use of the flash tool. Learn flashing from the experts before perform.


The benefits of installing a Micromax stock ROM are very different. For example, they can be optimized so that our mobile battery lasts longer. Stay connected to Micromax Flash File Support Site.Disabling by default those processes that consume more energy and implementing more efficient energy saving modes than those included as standard by the manufacturer.

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