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SPD flash tool also known as the Spreadtrum flash tools are recently created for flashing PAC or PAC5 files on Android device. There are two files available to flash the .pac file on Android mobile phones. And one is Research Download Tool; the other is Upgrade Download Tool. From here you will find the latest version of Spreadtrum flash tools. Also, the latest Research downloader and Upgrade downloader you will get on this site come with the newest patch and bug fixed. Moreover, the SPD USB flash tools download links are malware free. So, you can download and install the flash tools with no hesitation.lenovo a319 firmware Download Link

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If you want to flash the stock firmware of any Android mobile phone that has used Spreadtrum chipset, you need the SPD flash tool. And this tool becomes the best PAC firmware flashing tool. Also, you know that flashing Spreadtrum Android device means to reinstall the operating system of the cell phone. And install a new operating system in the place of old one. Now here I am going to disclose the download links of the latest Spreadtrum flash tools Research and Upgrade downloader.

SPD Flash Tool

SPD USB Driver


Update Version: R19.0.0001: Download Link

SPD Flash Tool Research and Upgrade Downloader

If you are looking for the best 100% working SPD flash tool download links, you are in the right place. In this website, you will get the Spreadtrum flash tools download links. Also, the flash tools are the latest version. In fact, you can use these flash tools on any Spreadtrum based Android phones. And all the download links are checked and verified. Also, these are all direct download links. So, you just have to click on the download link and the Spreadtrum flash tools will start download automatically. In the next section, I will discuss how to use SPD flash tool.
Things You Need
Now before using the Spreadtrum flash tools, you need several things. And they are as follows.

1. You need a desktop computer with Windows operating system. And the preferable OS is Windows 7. Besides you can also use Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 8/8.1 or Windows 10.

2. Then you need PAC files to be flash which is your device firmware.

3. And you need Spreadtrum driver software.

4. Then you need Spreadtrum flash tools. So, at first download the flash tool from the download section. Now you are ready to flash SPD Android device. And here I am going to explain the flashing process step by step.

SPD Flash Tool Without Box

How to Use SPD Flash Tool

If you have read the above parts, you have already found the download links. So, download the Spreadtrum driver and flash tools and save it on your PC. Then follow these steps carefully.

1. Go to your download files and search for SPD driver and flash files. And you will find a zip file. So, extract the files from the zip and save it somewhere on your computer.

2. At first, install the Spreadtrum driver. Now right click the .exe file from the SPD driver folder, and run as administrator. But if you use Windows 8/10, then disable the Windows driver signature.

3. Now open the Research Downloader folder and run researchdownload.exe.

4. Then you need to load the PAC file. So, click the first gear icon and locate the .pac file.

5. Now if you want to change the flash setting, you need to click on the second gear icon. But we recommended using the default setting.

6. And now click the arrow to begin flashing.

7. After clicking the arrow, now turn off your Android phone, and wait at least 15 seconds. Then take the USB cable, mute the volume, and plug in the device to your computer. And you will see the flashing process begins automatically. Now you can release the volume button. This is how you use the SPD flash tool for flashing the firmware on your Android device. Here I am going to discuss few important notes and features of Spreadtrum flash tools.

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SPD 7731 Flash Tool

Download Link

Supports PAC and P5C Format

SPD flash tool allows flashing only PAC and P5C firmware on your Spreadtrum Android device. And this flash tool is not working on other chipsets except Spreadtrum.
Simple User Interface
SPD flash tool has a simple, user-friendly interface. And anybody can flash the Spreadtrum Android phone using this tool.
Remove the Bin Packet Error
While flashing the device, if you get any bin packet error, then simply download and install the latest SPD Upgrade tools. Old version sometimes causes the trouble.
SPD flash tools are now very popular for flashing the device firmware. And from here you find the latest version of SPD Research and Upgrade tools. But remember you will lose your contacts and personal data from your device in the flashing process. So, back up your data before flashing the device.

Download SPD Flash Tools Download visit SPD Flash Tools SPD 7731 Supported Flash Tools Bit 64 & 32 Bit.

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